october 10

a lot has happened after giving birth to my daughter mikayla. let me just say that i’ve been tired and enjoying my little bundle of joy. so to sum up the details…sept. 19 was my due date. apparently i experience a pop and a leak that morning. i even called my doctor to check what it might have been. i got sent to the hospital by my doctor. they kept me there and we all thought it was time already. by the next morning. i had to get the drugs to make my contractions start. by 3:30 in the afternoon, the doctor had shown up and asked me if i was dilated. she had checked and nothing yet. so she even asked if my water had broken. nothing yet as well. so she had popped my water bag right there and then. after that water kept coming out. close to midnight i couldnt take it anymore. i had asked for the iv drug. that made me dizzy and i vomited a few times. after an hour i want to get the epidural shot. it took an hour for them to come. i was in pain already. the next morning, sept 21, the nurse had came by and checked how far along was i dilating. it was 5:30 and i was only 2 cm. by 8, i felt different, like i was feeling the need to push. i told the nurse and she checked. i was fully dilated. it took 45 mins just to get it going. when i saw my daughter. i was in disbelief. she was finally here. it was in all amazement for us. another 2 days in the hospital and it was hell but we stuck it out. our first week was crazy. we were still getting use to it. heart breaking point was when i got a call from my dad and he had told me my grandpa had passed away. it was hard and i couldnt take it. but i think he was waiting to see mikayla before he left. he’s happy now. in heaven with grandma. i love and miss them both. but i know its for the best. so far this is how things have been going right now. just taking it day by day.

2 more days till due date

We went for our 40th week appointment. I’m crossing fingers that we go into labor and have mikayla out soon. This morning, right before I was going to take a shower. More of the mucus plug came out. It was more clear with white stuff. I kind of got nauseous and threw up in the shower 2xs. At the doctors appointment. She had asked me if my mucus plug had came out. Then even checked if I was dilating. But it was too tight still. It still can change within now till later. I just have to keep walking and doing what I can to keep dilating. I really hope mikayla comes tonight or tomorrow. As long as it’s not on the 20th. I don’t want mikayla and jaylah to have the same birthday. At least I really want mikayla out now. It would be perfect

3 more days part 2

It was about 11pm. I had gone to the bathroom and had to pee. Once I was done. I got up and something clear and jelly like had a small burst in my underwear. This is so tmi, but I really was having that problem. I believe it’s pieces of my mucus plug coming out. I was shocked and just wanting to know what it was. Of coarse I looked it up. I think I’m getting close to labor soon. I don’t understand why, but my thighs feel sore. I little pressure and more anxious now. Hopefully I go in tonight. Save me a trip to going to the doctors for another appointment.

3 more days till due date

Nothing has happened yet. All I feel is mikayla moving like crazy and wanting to move more right before I go to bed. It’s really cute and I love the feeling but I would love to have her out and playing already. I don’t want to go over 41 weeks yet alone be past 40. I just hope on Tuesdays appointment that I hear good news. That I’m dilating and able to have her soon. It’s stressful and I’m really impatient. I just hope I don’t have a c section. That’s the last on my list. I need to start walking more but it’s hard because I don’t want to go by myself. I need Alex with me but he never wants to help me out.

Sept. 12

All morning I’ve felt weird. Pains on side and numbing. After awhile my lower back would hurt and more pressure on the cervix, but the pressure seemed to last longer than usual. I’ve been going to the bathrooms more like my body was trying to clean itself. I had bad stomach aches all morning. After taking a shower, I felt good and was hungry. Had gone down and started making food. Twice I had small contractions, but they were spread apart. After eating, my tummy felt tight for awhile and even after I took a nap. I even felt low back pains and being on hands and knees helped alot. Plus babes massages. I hope my lil girl comes soon.